You can be a SAMURAI and NINJYA in TOKYO.

This course is include of how to use JAPANESE sword , how to SAMURAI fighting , how to NINJYA practice , how to bow, and make one scene like a famous japanese action movie. At the end of our lesson, you will be performinng a SAMURAI or NINJYA fighting scene while you play a BGM and insert sound effects as you act.

If you want, we will take some photo for your souvenir.

Let's experience  traditonal deep JAPANESE culture!!


1.Learn how to bow at SEIZA style.(kneel down sitting posture on the floor)

2.Learn how to use Japanese sword.(wooden sword and metal sword)

3.Learn how to practice some basic forms of SAMURAI.(10~20 basic forms you learn)

4.Learn how to lesson some basic movements of NINJYA.(3~5 basic movements)

5.Practice speaking your lines in japanese as a hero.(2~3 story patterns we prepare)

6.Change the costume KIMONO.(if you want, you wear HAKAMA, KIMONO, OBI)

7.Practice acting with a sword.(play a Rehearsal)

8.Perform a fighting scene with BGM and sound effects.(like a famous aciton movie)

9.Photo session.(if you want, you take a photo with SAMURAI master)

10.Learn how to bow.(end of the lesson, you need to concentrate feeling and body) 



(per 1person)

【Play time】

1 hour

(about 60 minutes)


minimum 2 people

(maximum 10~15people for 1 lesson)


studio-TATE Tokyo main studio

(train access: SEIBU sinjuku Line「NOGATA station」5 minutes by walk, look at 「アクセス(access)」

【Open Time】

from 9:00a.m to 17:00p.m everyday.

(you are required to write down your lesson time on the e-mail)


japanese famous action coordinator or professional choreographer

(our coaches take charge of directing a lot of Movie, Stage, CM) 


・We can not take your credit card as your payment mehtod.

 (you pay lesson fee on only Japanese yen)

・If you cancel your reservation suddenly, you need to pay lesson fee.

 (3 days previously→ no cancel fee. 2~the day→ 100% fee)

・Others, we have a lot of courses SAMURAI and NINJYA program.

 (ex. Praivate lesson, SAMURAI deep lesson,NINJYA fighter lesson→ ¥10,000yen/1per)



(main coach, sopport assistant, studio staff can speak ENGLISH and JAPANESE also)


・on our homepage's 「ご予約・お問合せ(contact form)」, you write down your information(name, preferred date, number of persons, nationality, sexuality).

・e-mail is 24 hour available(english and japanese only).

・if you can not send e-mail on the our contact form, please send a mail on PC-adress.

(PCmail: studio-tate@kce.biglobe.ne.jp)